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People still want to talk about Mary Tanner...

Five Excerpts From Girl on the Bridge

One of the men police suspected of killing Mary describes police interrogation; a witness recalls being […]

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Girl on the Bridge Trailer

Girl on the Bridge: The Mary Tanner Story releases its first trailer for the feature-length […]

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The Loss Is Forever

Jane Whitten Needham, one of Mary Tanner’s good friends, reflects on how Mary’s tragic death […]

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The Day Mary Disappeared

Elizabeth Tanner Goodwin, Mary Tanner’s older sister, remembers the day in early July that her […]

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Cooper’s Corner: 7.7.78

Girl on the Bridge continues to search for answers in the death of Mary Ellen […]

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Mary’s Cats

The Tanner family had a lot of cats, and Mary Tanner knew how to play […]

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The Story Begins

On July 7, 1978, 18-year-old Mary Ellen Tanner crossed the Mousam River Bridge in Kennebunk, Maine, headed toward home after a summer day of fun. The three friends who saw her on the bridge were the last people to see her alive – except for the person who killed her. Mary’s body was found the following Sunday, miles from the bridge, near a grass airstrip known as Gracie Evans Field, a place so remote only locals knew where it was. Nearly 40 years later, the murder unsolved, Mary Tanner’s friends and loved ones still grieve over the death of a remarkable young woman whose smile and laughter and love of life brought joy to everyone she encountered. Girl on the Bridge is a film about Mary Tanner and the people she left behind in the small town of Kennebunk, where the crime's deep wound left a dark and painful scar. Her friends, so young then, are grown up now and they are demanding justice.